May 17, 2013
Astellas China audit at Eliving headquarters in Shenyang
In order to go ahead and improve the cooperation between the two companies, on February 26th, 2013 Astellas China dispatched its senior QA manager to perform a thorough inspection at Eliving Shenyang, especially auditing the company’s management systems and procedures, including project execution management and the central laboratory as well as data, statistics and training management systems.
Astellas is globally ranked among the first twenty most influential drugs manufacturing multinationals. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, in recent years Astellas adopted the strictest international quality standards and applied them to its global R&D, production and sales to become the world market leader in advanced urology and transplantable, having its products recognized by a large number of physicians and patients. The range of products Astellas China has already placed on the market embraces various fields, including but not limited to organ transplants, urology, infectious diseases, dermatology and digestive apparatus.
Eliving has worked with Astellas on a number of projects since 2011, always achieving very positive results. The inspection carried out by Astellas put emphasis on Eliving’s strength and expertise in phase-I clinical researches, including the phase-I laboratory management, clinical monitoring, data and statistics management, samples handling and storage, trainings, hardware and related SOPs. After two days of rigorous and comprehensive on-site inspections, Astellas QA manager finally conferred a fully positive mark upon Eliving’s phase-I clinical research quality system and reported the results to his Headquarters. After the audit, on March 1st, 2013 Astellas Group formally signed a phase-I project contract with Eliving. The project has officially started on April 3rd 2013.
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