Jun 20, 2013
Eliving holds post-market surveillance initiation meeting in Shanghai
Shanghai, China – 12 April 2013 – Amid the blossoming flowers of the new spring, Eliving held a post-market surveillance initiation meeting in Shanghai at the Jincang Wenhua Hotel.
The meeting was honored by the presence of many national-level well-known specialists in cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. Among them, notable participants were the academic Zhang Boli, fellow researcher of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and leading expert in Chinese General Medicine; and prof. Zhao Buchang, founder of Shaanxi Buchang Pharma Limited. The General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region is the leading organization, where its president Dr. Han Yaling serves as the principal investigator. Attended the meeting also experts who closely cooperate with the First Hospital of Beijing University and the Anzhen Affiliated Hospital of Capital Medical University as well as many other cardio-cerebrovascular specialists and statistical analysts from the Fourth Military Medical University.
The moderator was Dr. Wang Bin, director of the General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region, who introduced the trial protocol. The sponsor’s delegate then took the floor and presented his company and the details of the study.
Dr. Zhang Boli commented upon the Chinese Medicine theory and the Western Medicine diagnosis practices described in the protocol. The specialists at the meeting conducted a meticulous analysis, which lasted for three hours and ended with the final approval of the protocol.
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