Jun 20, 2013
Phase II final meeting and phase III initiation meeting held in Wuhan
April 14th 2013 – the final meeting of the phase II trial and the initiation meeting of the pivotal phase III trial were held in succession in Wuhan at the New Beacon New Times International Hotel. The meeting was attended by the sponsor, the institutions responsible for the research, the statistical unit and a total of ten sites.
Both Eliving’s project manager and the principal investigator of the Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University Second Attached Hospital chaired the meeting.
Eliving’s project manager spoke first, providing a brief introduction of the study to the hospitals and the experts present to the meeting, after which, the sponsor proceeded to present the relevant premises and the current status of the trial.
During the summarization of the conclusions reached after the phase II trial, the specialist of the pharmacology research institute unfolded the statistical report, while the hospitals that took significant part in the study analyzed and discussed the results. The principal investigator then completed a detailed description of the design of the protocol for the phase III and the participating hospitals integrated the general issues arisen in the course of the phase II, as well as those related to the clinical operations; the issues were addressed one by one, eventually reaching an agreement over the solutions to be implemented thenceforth and the further steps required to manage the upcoming phase III.
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