Jun 20, 2013
Eliving audited by the Ministry of Science and Technology
Benxi, China – on May 7-8 a delegation of the Inspection Team for Major Special Projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology arrived in Benxi to perform a task audit of the project related to the establishment of the Benxi site of the Liaoning National Incubator for Innovative Drugs.
The Inspection Team audited the central laboratory of Eliving Liaoning Bio-pharmaceutical Scientific Innovation Ltd, focusing on two main projects falling under Elving’s responsibility, namely:

  1. the platform for the clinical evaluation of new drugs / pharmacokinetic tests and the establishment of a public management system.
  2. the clinical trial for Adefovir dipivoxil
The general manager, Mr. Yan Dong received the Inspection Team and presented the company’s general situation and the most remarkable results achieved during the development of the two projects. The auditors largely endorsed Eliving’s conduct and positively commented upon the future of the company.

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