Jul 08, 2013
Spring blossoms on the badminton court--Eliving Beijing, 2013 badminton tournament
With the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, the air is brimming with holiday spirit.
The long-awaited Eliving Beijing yearly badminton contest is finally arrived and all the contestants, energized by its original motto, are ready to do their best. Gotten rid of all the papers and shrugged off the weariness of the office desks, on the badminton court the employees need to long for spring no more, and their sweaty, smiling faces look relaxed and unconstrained.
On the 9th of June at 2 o’clock p.m., the 2013 badminton contest kicked off. The tournament is a mixed doubles, single-elimination format and each match is at best of three sets.
After four rounds and forty-two matches of strong competition, the podium is finally sorted out and the winners are awarded wonderful prizes.
However the final results aren’t the most important thing, because we today we could get an even more precious confirmation: that the company is not only a workplace, but also a family; colleagues are not only office mates, but also friends. Work isn’t the only thing in life.
Therefore the mission of such an event is to promote the company culture, strengthen the employees’ sense of responsibility and belonging, advocating the concept of “happier in life, more passionate at work”. Today’s contest brought to light the employees’ high spirit of self-improvement and their striving for a common goal, enriched their free time and helped deepen the relationships existing between them, for a better workplace and a better Eliving.
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